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Curriculum Vitae


Graduated in Physics in 1977 at the University of Rome, he started the scientific activity during the work for the Thesis at the Frascati Laboratories of INFN on the first development of streamer tube gaseous detectors, under the supervision of Prof. E. Iarocci. After some experience in the physics of e+e- collisions, in the last period of activity of the Adone storage ring, he entered in INFN as researcher, participating to NUSEX experiment on proton decay and to the development of the technique of digital calorimetry in view of the experimentation at LEP. Later he started the experimentation at Gran Sasso Laboratories working in cosmic ray and neutrino physics, participating to the MACRO experiment, where he took care first of the tracking system of the apparatus, and then of data analysis and simulation. Since 1990 he is at INFN-Milano, where he joined the group for the detector R&D for LHC, participating to the development of Liquid Argon e.m. calorimeter for ATLAS, contributing to the development and construction of readout electronics. He later continued the research in non-accelerator high energy physics joining the ICARUS collaboration. In 2001 he contributed to the birth of the international collaboration for the development and diffusion of the FLUKA Monte Carlo code, to which he contributes both at scientific and management level. He has been working with FLUKA for different developments concerning cosmic ray physics, neutrino physics, hadronic interactions and their application to space research and to medicine. In particular he is presently working in simulation of hadron therapy, where he contributed for the development of new treatment planning systems and to the investigation of techniques for the on-line monitoring of therapy. In this field collaborates with CERN and researchers from CNAO and Heidelberg center for hadron therapy. After a three year experience as national coordinator of an INFN strategic project for the development of medicine related projects, he started a project in INFN to coordinate different groups involved in research and development of charged particle therapy, in collaboration also with the hadron therapy centers in Pavia (CNAO) and Trento. He also coordinated the INFN participation to the Envision project in FP7, about the imaging in hadron therapy with ions. He served as Director of INFN Milano from 2006 to 2012.


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