Project Committee


Project Committee


Accelerators for hadrontherapy

TPS and Dosimetry




The INFN-MED Project Committee

National Coordinator: G. Battistoni - INFN Executive Board delegate: A. Vacchi
Imaging: P. Cerello - Accelerators: L. Calabretta
Treatment Plans and Dosimetry: F. Marchetto
BNCT: P. Colautti - Detectors for Diagnostics: V. Rosso
Nuclear Physics Observer: C. Agodi - Technological Research Observer: S. Altieri
- ISS Observer: B. Caccia


Highlights of INFN-MED 2010

Summary of meeting of 30 Sept. 2010 in Pisa

Talk at the Workshop "Health and Science Community" (Feb. 2010)

Contribution of INFN-MED at the dicussion on criticalities in the institute (Jan. 2010)

Talk at the italian Conference of the Medical Physics Association (Sept. 2009)

Project Document (June 2009)

Talk at "Giornate di Studio sul Piano Triennale 2010-2012", Bologna 6 June 2009

Talk at the meeting of Technological Research Comm. 22 May 2009

Minutes of the meeting of 21 May 2009

Talk at the meeting of Nuclear Physics Comm. 2 Feb. 2009 (C. Agodi)

Minutes of meeting of 22 Jan. 2009

Guidelines for the collaboration between INFN and HSR

Proposal for the organization of INFN-MED



22/02/2011 - Meeting of INFN-MED Committee in Rome

Other documents and proposals

Italian plan for ooncology (2010-2012)

X Thomson Source for HSR (L. Serafini)

A Cyclotron Isotope Production Center for Biomedical Research (G. Moschini et al.)