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The INFN-MED Strategic Project

The INFN-MED strategic project promotes, coordinates and monitors INFN activity which are considerd at a mature stage of R&D and ready for an immediate application in medicine, on the basis of the experiences carried on under the control of the national Scientific Commissions, with a particular reference to Nuclear Physics and Technological Research. Necessary condition for a project to be considered by INFN-MED is the referee report issued by the national Scientific Committee and the explicit interest by external medical institutions or industry in view of the financing of the project itself.

INFN-MED is initially divided into 5 sub-projects which are relative to the specific areas of interest of INFN in the medical field: imaging, accelerators for hadron therapy, treatment planning and dosimetry, BNCT and detectors for medical diagnostics.


29/10/2010 - Posters prepared for the INFN Stand at the Conference on Health Research, Cernobbio




22/02/2011 - Meeting of INFN-MED Committee in Rome

Other documents and proposals

Italian plan for ooncology (2010-2012)

X Thomson Source for HSR (L. Serafini)

A Cyclotron Isotope Production Center for Biomedical Research (G. Moschini et al.)

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