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Main Papers

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Main Talks & Seminars

Nuclear Physics and Particle Therapy
Catania, June 2015

Development of Imaging Techniques for Charged Particle Therapy
Trento, November 2014

Nuclear Physics for Medicine: the case for Hadron Therapy
London, October 2014

Tecniche Nucleari Rilevanti per l'Adroterapia
Padova, March 2014

MCTPS: a new Monte Carlo-based treatment planning tool for Hadron Therapy
Geneva, February 2014

A Review of FLUKA Applications for Medical Physics
Prague, November 2013

A Monte Carlo-based treatment planning tool for proton therapy
Kracow, June 2013

The Monte code FLUKA in Ion Therapy; Status and Outlook
CERN, February 2010

The TPS Project of INFN
Erice, May 2009

I Raggi Cosmici di Energia Estrema
Dept. Physics, June 2009

The FLUKA code and its applications in Cosmic Ray Physics
IEEE, October 2008

Proposal for a Treatment Planning System Project of INFN
Trieste, Febr, 2008

Nuclear effects in neutrino interactions
Varenna, June 2006

Atmospheric Neutrinos in a large Liquid Argon Detector
LNGS, March 2006

Nuclear effects in neutrino interactions
Wroclaw, December 2005

The FLUKA code: an overview
Pavia, October 2005

Dall'Infinitamente Piccolo All'Infinitamente Grande
April 2005

Status of ICARUS experiment
LNGS, April 2005

The FLUKA Project
Houston, January 2005

Status of ICARUS experiment
LNGS, Nov. 2004

Simulazione delle interazioni di particelle con la materia
Roma, Oct. 2004

The low energy atmospheric neutrino flux
Otranto, September 2004

QCD and Cosmic Ray Physics
Erice, August 2004

FLUKA in calorimetry
Perugia, March 2004

Application of the FLUKA code to High Energy and Accelerator Phyiscs
Interlaken, September 2004

The FLUKA code: present applications and future developments
SLAC, May 2003

Hadronic interactions and Cosmic Ray Showers
Vulcano, May 2002

Hadronic interaction models at low energy
Karlsruhe, April 2002

In search of Neutrino Oscillations at the Gran Sasso Laboratory
Roma 3, Nov. 2001

Calculation of secondary particles in atmosphere and hadronic interactions
Trento, Oct. 2001

Progresses in the validation of the FLUKA atmospheric neutrino flux calculation
TAUP 2001, Assergi, Sep. 2001

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